IMG_0603CHRISTINA JOY HOWARD is an LA-based writer/actress Reiki Healer. She earned her B.A. from UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film, and Television and has performed extensively in California. She graced stages in NYC and Europe, while launching her commercial career 2007. She has numerous commercial credits on network/cable television and internet.

As a writer, she has written several one-act and full-length stage plays for LOFT ensemble, the theater company she founded as Artistic Director in 2007. Included in her body of work is a solo-show entitled DEFENDING MEDUSA, an auto-biographical piece addressing issues of abuse, sexuality, and the degradation of “Goddess Energy”.

Christina also trained extensively in a movement methodology called Viewpoints, under TRANSPARENT actress Alexandra Billings at Steppenwolf West. She taught this method at The American Academy of Dramatic Art, after having used the method to workshop with the original LOFT ensemble members, many of whom left the company to pursue other endeavors — Christina herself included.

An avid yoga practitioner, Christina finds much solace in meditation and matters of the metaphysical. A long-time Tarot reader and energy healer, she has attainedĀ first and second-degree Reiki certificates under Thea Nathan of The Reiki Institute in Malibu and now practices from her home. She has always known her purpose lay in creative healing. Whether acting, writing, directing, producing, teaching, or literal hands-on healing, Christina finds much serenity in being of service as a guide for those who wish to further their spiritual practice and enjoy life.


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