get-attachment-1UnRAPEable was started as a way to heal from a traumatic incident. Perhaps you too have been the victim of violence or abuse, whether it’s physical, emotional, or psychological. Across the globe, the stories of such atrocities are too numerous to inventory, and while one individual cannot reach every person, we can start by fully healing ourselves.

Many of these wounds occur in childhood, and we unknowingly perpetuate the abuse-cycle by leaving these wounds unaddressed, thus continuing to experience them over and over, without conscious awareness of what needs to internally shift in order to experience a new reality. Some of us may believe we are at fault, or that we are broken, damaged, and unlovable. These are the lies some continue to believe.

We hope to provide evidence to the contrary, using this forum to challenge our thoughts of insecurity and self-hatred. There is a truth out there which if embraced, can lead to happy, healthy relationships, careers, families, and communities. Do not allow the manipulations of the media, society, or our own insidious egos to distort the true Divinity women all unquestionably possess. It’s not conditional; we were all made in the image of the Goddess, and we must unite to fully restore ourselves to our healing birthright and infinite sisterhood.


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